Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello all technology lover.. Your doctor is here

Assalamualaikum and “salam sejahtera” to all my beloved reader…

I am a Malaysian and I from not so rich family, what makes I very interesting to know about technologies is I only can read the specification of the tech but cannot afford it. Every times my friends show to me his/her new phone, I would ask him/her… how much you spend on it? Where did you buy it? What it can do? Who is the manufacturer of it?

After many years, I realized  that I know about some technology very well, I also can debate with phone seller about the operating system of the phone…  after my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia), I always thinking about working at phone shop or computer center half time. But, you knew that I from not so rich family, my family only have a car… and my father don’t has time to send me to the shop every time. So, I decided to work just around the corner from my house…

Then something miracle happens on me, my SPM result was so great. My family and I were so happy about it. After that I applied JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam) scholarship on engineering course in Australia. Every day I was dreaming about I become a successful phone and computer designer.
But the world become upside down, JPA offered to me medical course in Egypt!

How can I become a successful phone and computer designer in a country with dust?

My family were so happy because I can further my study with scholarship. My father felt better. I can his burden become lighter, now he can only support my 4 brothers and 2 sisters. And I, only depending on the scholarship.

My 1st day in Egypt, what I can see is yellow building. I am very upset. I am upset because my dream cannot be reality when in Egypt. But… there is a thing that makes me feel better. I saw a “Lowyat”. In Malaysia, Lowyat is a place of techno insane’s paradise. I felt like I am in Malaysia again. Pergh…

“Don’t judge a book by just looking its cover” it is a very interesting sentence.

Here, I can see many kind of tech… such as G-Tide (phone) Asus (computer), Skoda and Fiat (car). In here, I can know more about technology, neither from China and Europe and many else.I used to blog is to share what I found new technology in Egypt. And I prefer to compared it with another country such as my own country, Malaysia.

I hope you all can find some new knowledge from me, muke comely! ~ (^,^)